Control of Linear Systems

This undergraduate course is offered to Control and Automation Engineering and Systems Engineering students in UFMG. It covers mainly aspects related to SISO systems represented by Transfer Functions:

  • Local Linear Analysis around operating points of nonlinear dynamical systems: equilibrium points, Taylor series based linearization, BIBO stability analysis.
  • Block diagrams (algebra).
  • Automatic closed-loop control systems stability analysis: characteristic equation, root-locus sketching rules, Nyquist criterion, Nyquist diagrams, Bode plots, Nichols charts, gain and phase margins.
  • Automatic control systems design: pole-zero placement and root-locus analysis, frequency domain compensators, direct synthesis, Ziegler-Nichols methods.

For more information on control of linear systems using state-space representations, please see the very good material in Portuguese provided by Prof. Eduardo Mazoni Andrade Marçal Mendes (DELT/UFMG):

Lectures on “Introduction to Control Systems using State-Space Representations“, by Prof. Eduardo MAM Mendes (in Portuguese)