1. Fault Tolerant Attitude, Orientation and Position Reference System Based on Data Fusion.

    The purpose of this project is to develop a fault tolerant system for the computation of attitude, orientation and position, based on the fusion of sensory data from a set of inertial measurement low cost units (IMUs) among others kind of sensors. This proposal aims to evaluate the different methods and techniques for the Kalman filter, sharing and implementing its steps in reliable specialized systems in "Field Programmable Gate Array" (FPGAs) based on representations of the data in floating point.

  2. MatOPo: Matrix Operations Processor

    The project aims to develop new floating point libraries to reduce the accumulated error in the matrix calculations based on numerical representations with different formats to the IEEE-754 standard, to be included within the matrix calculations processor "MatOPo".

  3. Outdoor Robotics Exploration Platform "HYPERION"

    Hyperion is a mobile robotic platform with a mission to support military forces in exploration fields. The robot will have ubiquity capabilities by merging and implementation of different control, probabilistic and analytical techniques based on processing algorithms using embedded systems in Reconfigurable Hardware. The platform has a series of sensors that feed the embedded system allowing Localization and Mapping Concurrent (SLAM ) as well as the exploration and development of the tasks