Eduardo M. A. M. Mendes


I received the BEng degree in Electrical Engineering with class honours from Federal University of Minas Gerais in 1988, the M.Sc. degree from the same university in 1991 and the PhD degree in Control Systems Engineering from the University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK, in 1995.

I was appointed as Associate Professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil, in 2002. Before that I worked as Associate Professor at UFSJ. My research interests include system identification for nonlinear systems, narmax methods, model validation, prediction, spectral analysis and chaos.

General Information

Eduardo Mendes, Associate Professor, Department of Electronic Engineering, UFMG, Av. Antônio Carlos, 6627, Pampulha, CEP 31270-901, Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil. Phone: 55 (31) 34994862. Fax: 55 (31) 34994850. Email:

Last Update: October, 2005

Current Research

Teaching (In Portuguese)

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