Adriano Chaves Lisboa

Research associate at UFMG (curriculum)


I do research in computational geometry (especially Delaunay refinement), optimization (especially multi-objective deterministic methods), and numerical methods.

Work philosophy

I like to live in the infinite, where everything seems to be so well explained that anything could change its essence.

I like to live in the finite, where everything seems to be so changeable for good that anything could explain its essence.

I feel more creative in the finite, and wiser in the infinite. I look for the balance, but they seem to be essentially the same.

P.S. The concept of balance between good and evil really scared me once, but... . Anyways, it is fascinating the degrees of freedom of something that is essentially the same, just by putting meanings in anything. Everything is inspiringly wise.

c reads for every c, for any c, or for all c? hint: c is variable.