My research currently focuses on three main areas: human-robot interaction, multi-arm manipulation, and robot motion. However, this division is only “academic,”  as these areas often overlap. For instance, I heavily use multi-arm manipulation representation to describe physical human-robot interactions. On the other hand, I work on theories coming from kinematics, dynamics, and control to describe both physical human-robot interactions and multi-arm manipulation.

Sometimes, however, I work on more "pure" topics, like robot kinematics and robot dynamics. More specifically, I'm working on a theory of robot motion, robot modeling, and control based entirely on dual quaternions. This theory is inspired on early works of An Tzu Yang, the most recent works of Roy Featherstone, and also J. M. Selig’s.

Some of my works have been featured in the media: IEEE Spectrum, O Estado de São Paulo (Portuguese).

Feel free to take a look at my publications or at some videos/demos. Also, the full version of my CV can be found here (CV Lattes).

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